“Great oaks from little acorns grow.”
14th century proverb


Why choose a British boarding school?

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I love autumn. Not only for the colours as the trees get ready for their renewal, but also because this is when most of the students we help to choose a British boarding school start in their new setting, and I have the pleasure of hearing how they are getting on.

While they are busy with their studies, and the wealth of activities and opportunities the schools are offering them, their parents’ words offer the best answer to why you should choose a British boarding school. Here are a few examples.

A conversation with Finn

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We are consistently impressed by the children who have the courage to leave their own country, family, school and friends to attend one of the UK boarding schools we have recommended, and we love to celebrate all their achievements. Finn is perhaps one of our greatest successes; having joined Year 12 at Warminster School in September 2018, he was appointed Head Boy for this academic year.

Lovely feedback on Durham School

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Dear Gina,

Time flies and we're already more than halfway through term. Charlotte is really happy at Durham, so we wanted to thank you again for your excellent advice.

At every stage of the process we felt the benefit of your individual attention and always had the impression that you really wanted to find the right setting for Charlotte, knowing the schools as you do and getting to know her. That was very reassuring for us, and really important as we negotiated the jungle that is the British school system and all its various opportunities.

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“Great oaks from little acorns grow.”
14th century proverb

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