“Great oaks from little acorns grow.”
14th century proverb


Which are our top British boarding schools for sailing?

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Sail training develops confidence, perseverance, leadership and teamwork; key transferable skills which enhance students’ ability to perform in all areas. Little wonder then that it is often offered as part of an independent education. Here we feature our top British boarding…

Which are our top British boarding schools for hockey?

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As the sport grows in popularity, with both girls and boys, I am often asked for help with placing keen players at one of our top British boarding schools for hockey. Here is a selection of those I’d recommend. Clifton College has won County Championships many times, has…

Why choose a British boarding school?

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I love autumn. Not only for the colours as the trees get ready for their renewal, but also because this is when most of the students we help to choose a British boarding school start in their new setting, and I have the pleasure of hearing how they are getting on. While they…

How do British boarding schools start the new year?

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If you’ve ever wondered how British boarding schools start the new year, here is one stirring example, courtesy of this video produced by Glenalmond College. The poem is a personal favourite – such a great analogy for parenting or, in this case, being in loco parentis as our…

What are our top British boarding schools for tennis?

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One of the many reasons to consider a boarding school in England is the quality of their sports provision. All our schools have excellent facilities, and make time within and alongside the curriculum to support all students to enjoy a wide range of physical activities, but some…

What makes each British Boarding School unique? (2)

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In the second of our series asking what makes each British boarding school unique, we hear Dan Harrison, the headmaster of Sedbergh School, explain how his British boarding school is unique for, amongst other things, its stunning location in the Yorkshire Dales, close to the…

How were British boarding schools’ 2023 exam results?

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‘Summertime and the living is easy.’ Unless you’re a 16- or 18-year-old anxiously awaiting results… This can be a nervous time for many every year, but British boarding schools’ 2023 exam results were particularly keenly anticipated by those who took IB, A Level and/or BTEC…

How do British boarding schools nurture enterprise?

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While all our British boarding schools nurture enterprise via Business Studies and/or Economics courses, as well as entering students into schemes such as the Young Enterprise programme, I was struck by recent news from Charterhouse. This coeducational boarding school in Surrey…

How do British boarding school communities work?

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The private school system can come under fire for being too elitist or for sheltering its students from the real world outside. In fact, in many ways, British boarding school communities reflect our global community more accurately than state schools can, having a spread of…

When should you apply to British boarding schools?

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This is a good question I am often asked, and to which there is no one answer! The fact is that we can help you find the right educational setting for your child no matter when you get in touch.  British boarding schools with the highest demand Naturally, there are some for…