“Great oaks from little acorns grow.”
14th century proverb


What should I ask when visiting British boarding schools?

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During the pandemic, when there were so many barriers to travel, virtual tours were a great substitute for a personal visit and they can still provide a valuable initial insight, but visiting a school in person is vital, if possible, to get that all-important “gut feel” and…

Which are our top British boarding schools for athletics?

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When school resumes after the Easter holiday the summer sports season will begin, so which are our top British boarding schools for athletics? Oakham School has over 200 pupils participating and at least 100 athletes competing weekly against other schools. In fact, it has been…

How does Queen Margaret’s School inspire its musicians?

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A key takeaway for Neil when he visited last year was the enthusiasm and ambition of the teachers, and here’s just one example – see how Queen Margaret’s School inspires its musicians. If your daughter loves music, why not seek the advice of a British boarding school…

Which British boarding schools are best for singing in a choir?

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Did you know that, just like exercise, singing is good for you? Any singing can lift your mood, while singing in a group could even improve your mental health and boost your immune system. All our partner schools have brilliant provision for the full range of music, and here we…

Giggleswick School’s adventurous educator

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When Neil visited last year, he was most impressed by Giggleswick School’s adventurous educator, Pete Keron, a Housemaster and Maths teacher, but also Head of Outdoor Pursuits. We asked Pete to tell us a bit more about himself and this is the result – enjoy! If your child…

How did Neil’s day at Queen Margaret’s School go?

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Late last year, Neil visited Queen Margaret’s School (QM), an all-girls’ school in the village of Escrick, near York, offering the full 7-day-a-week boarding experience. This lovely British boarding school is located in a former stately home, surrounded by 75 acres of…

How do British boarding schools combine development and fun?

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Something many of our clients are looking for is development – for their young people to gain confidence and independence during their time in the UK. Fortunately, our British boarding schools combine development and fun in many ways – sport, CCF, academic competitions, school…

What makes each British Boarding School unique? (3)

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Next in our series asking what makes each British boarding school unique, we hear Jeremy Quartermain, the headmaster of Rossall School, explain how his British boarding school is unique for, amongst other things, its academies, both for the sports football and golf, as well as…

New year, new British boarding school?

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Happy 2024! While the new academic year in the UK starts in September each year, did you know that many of our British boarding schools accept new students at other points in the year too? Some schools stipulate a commitment to the full three terms that make up the British…