“Great oaks from little acorns grow.”
14th century proverb


What is the cost of British boarding school?

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The financial aspect of sending a child to boarding school in England, Scotland or Wales is a key consideration, and something families often ask Gina about. In this blog we offer some guidance on the range of costs, including the extras to take into consideration. Boarding…

What are our top 5 British boarding schools for riding?

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What are our top 5 British boarding schools for riding? To reassure the young equestrian who might worry about missing their riding if they were to go to a British boarding school, we are pleased to confirm it is an option at many of the schools we recommend. So many, in fact,…

Why choose a girls’ British boarding school?

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Something Gina often finds herself discussing with families who have girls looking for a British boarding school is why to select one that is just for girls. While single sex education isn’t the preserve of boarding schools in England, Scotland and Wales, it is arguably rarer…

British boarding schools’ question time (3)

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Continuing this little series, the next question is, “What makes resilience so important today and how can boarding help to build it?” First to answer this one is Richard Hannigan, Director of Wellbeing at Uppingham, a full boarding school in England. He writes: “For a young…

Life in an English Boarding School – a student’s view

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So, what’s boarding life at a British boarding school really like? We’ve just received this lovely YouTube film of our student Taya, who talks about her experience of life at her boarding school in the South of England, Leighton Park. Naturally, Taya’s mother is delighted to…

British boarding schools’ question time (2)

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For the second blog in this series, we asked two boarding schools in England’s South West, “Have you adopted vertical or horizontal boarding across your boarding houses and why is your chosen model best for your students?” First, the view from Westonbirt School, a boarding…

British boarding schools’ question time

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The first of a series of blogs in which we feature schools’ responses to a topical question we pose, for this one we asked, “What makes British boarding schools so attractive to overseas pupils post-pandemic?” Our first respondent is Simon Lockyer, Headmaster of the Royal…

Music provision at British boarding schools

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We are consistently impressed by the breadth of talent displayed by the children we help place in English boarding schools. Whether sporty, artistic, musical, or often all three, it helps us focus on the schools that have those particular strengths. While the nature of…

How important is the location of a boarding school? 5 things to consider…

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Relative cost. Boarding schools in the South of England, around 1 to 1.5 hours from London, tend to be the priciest, as easy access to the Capital means they are often popular with British families whose children board during the week and return for the weekend, even if only for…

Short-term immersion programmes at British Boarding Schools

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We understand that not everyone wants to commit to completing their education at an English boarding school. Therefore, recent news from Rossall School about their short stay option this summer is a welcome addition to our portfolio. The Rossall immersion programme is designed…