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What about British Boarding Prep Schools?

While we don’t receive quite so many enquiries about British Prep Schools, it is important to keep my British boarding school consulting knowledge up to date across the whole range, so it was great to welcome Debbie from Aysgarth Prep School to HQ for a catch-up. 

As background, this is a school for boys aged 8 to 13, 90% of whom board in an environment that is comfortable, caring and above all fun. Set in 50 acres of beautiful grounds in the stunning North Yorkshire countryside, the school combines an excellent academic offering with a lively and homely environment where every boy can flourish.

Aysgarth Prep School’s academic offering

Strong in Sport, Drama, Music and Art, high standards are set both in and outside of the classroom, but the boys are encouraged to see failure, when it happens, as a healthy platform for another attempt. There are typically just 12 to 14 boys in each class, so it is unsurprising that such individual attention enables them to go on to leading senior schools throughout the UK, including many to Eton, Harrow, Uppingham, Repton, Shrewsbury and Oundle, for example. It was great to learn that Aysgarth also runs excellent outreach programmes, such as providing free STEM workshops via Imperial College for local primary schools.

Aysgarth Prep School’s pastoral care

Debbie enthused about the genuinely buzzy, happy and warm atmosphere around the school. Mobile phones are handed in on arrival, encouraging the boys to enjoy a traditional childhood, away from the pressures of constant screen usage so often seen in young people today. And there’s no time to be bored, with countless extra-curricular activities available after school and at weekends. Boys are encouraged to ride their bikes on campus and, on Sundays, they can choose from activities such as shooting, swimming, football, building an electric car in the Art department, etc. There are also plenty of outings, such as sports trips to senior schools, music trips to London and two camping trips per year.

On a practical level, the school runs an escorted train service to Edinburgh and London for exeat weekends and half-terms.

British Boarding Prep Schools like this make British boarding school consulting easy! I’d love to tell you more, so please do get in touch.