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Why choose a girls’ British boarding school?

Something Gina often finds herself discussing with families who have girls looking for a British boarding school is why to select one that is just for girls. While single sex education isn’t the preserve of boarding schools in England, Scotland and Wales, it is arguably rarer overseas, so its merits can take some explaining. 

Helpfully, Harrogate Ladies College has sent us a video in which some of its international pupils talk about why they chose a girls' British boarding school, so here’s your chance to hear their take on it.

Naturally, we also work with boys’ schools, as well as coeducational schools and those which follow the ‘Diamond Model’, i.e. coeducational Prep and Sixth Form, with boys and girls having classes separately from years 7 (or 9) to 11.

To explore which type of British boarding school might suit your child best, ask an expert – book a call with Gina!