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  • Which school is best? | Dickinson School Consulting
  • Which school is best? | Dickinson School Consulting
  • Which school is best? | Dickinson School Consulting

Which school is best?

As this new academic year starts, many, families and schools alike, are already looking to next year. To highlight possibilities for a child’s new setting, whether that’s Prep, Senior or Sixth Form, this is also the time of year for awards and accolades, so here’s a summary of recent announcements about just some of the British boarding schools we recommend.

In the Tatler Schools Awards, Stowe was named the best public school in the land, Brighton College’s Richard Cairns was recognised as Head of a public school who goes above and beyond, while Eastbourne College took the Eco Warrior award for the school that has gone green and champions environmentally-friendly initiatives.

The Week Independent Schools Guide included a much longer list of “bests”. Rugby School was named Great for Boarding, while Gresham’s was Great for STEM and Brighton also got a mention here for being Great for Global Outlook. Sevenoaks School was recognised as Great for the IB, Durham School for Music, and Repton for Sport. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Windermere School took top billing as Great for the Outdoors, while Clayesmore was named Great for Art, Lancing College Great for Co-curricular and Malvern College was declared Great for All-rounders.

We work with lots of the other schools included as contenders in each of these categories and many more besides. Awards only tell you so much, so for a considered opinion on which might be the best boarding school in England, Scotland or Wales for your child, speak to someone with years of experience of independent education in the UK; book a call with Gina!