“Great oaks from little acorns grow.”
14th century proverb

  • Focus on art at British boarding schools | Dickinson School Consulting
  • Focus on art at British boarding schools | Dickinson School Consulting

Focus on art at British boarding schools

To close our little series of “Focus on…” blogs, this time we are showcasing the quality of art provision at British boarding schools.

West Buckland School has outstanding Art and Design Technology facilities in its 150 Building, resulting in an extremely high standard of art, and a well-deserved reputation for producing and nurturing some outstanding young artists. Students can take inspiration from the school’s setting between some of Devon’s moors and coastline, then finesse their work in 150’s well-lit and equipped art rooms. The school offers Art Scholarships in Year 7, 9 and 12.

The arts are a valued component of the education offered by Bloxham School. Recognising how art promotes creativity and self-expression, the ability to express opinions and to critically evaluate work, there are a variety of artistic opportunities open to all pupils in a range of media within excellent facilities that include a kiln and a modelling room. The school also values the character-building skills such as resilience, co-ordination and self-confidence which art develops.

Uppingham School considers the development of creative skills vital not just for careers in the arts, but also to invigorate academic studies and to bring joy to life. Its Art and Design department in the Leonardo Centre has award-winning facilities and an industry-standard creative environment. The department promotes creative, ambitious and experimental work in painting, drawing, sculpture, photography and film, textiles and fashion, and conceptual art. Working together with DT, artists can access a full wood, metal and plastics workshop, and a 3D printer.

Bryanston School has on campus the Don Potter Art School, which has specialist areas for pupils to explore and hone their talents in a diverse range of media, such as drawing, painting, sculpture, ceramics, photography, printmaking and textiles. Another school with creativity at the core of its philosophy, alumni include Lucian Freud and Sir Terence Conran. Art scholarships are available for candidates who can show a lively interest in the subject, as well as strong observational drawing and recording skills.

As ever, this is just a handful of examples to give you an idea of the kind of facilities and level of art tuition offered by the UK boarding schools we recommend. Please contact us to find out more about any of the above or to discuss other options with Gina.