“Great oaks from little acorns grow.”
14th century proverb

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A Woodard Education

Earlier this year we profiled the Round Square family of schools. This time we are featuring Woodard Schools, an organisation with 42 schools in its care. Only one of those schools is overseas, so it has more of a UK focus, but those 42 include schools from every sector of British education.

We are pleased to work with 10 of Woodard’s boarding schools, including Ardingly College, Bloxham School, Ellesmere College, Lancing College and Worksop College. A defining feature of all Woodard Schools is child-centred, holistic learning, paying attention to the development of the whole person: spiritually, morally, culturally, academically, aesthetically and physically.

Woodard Schools’ teachers are given a high level of professional support and development, so they are best equipped to help every young person in their care to develop their full potential. Many of these young people go on to compete on the national stage in the field of academia, sports, the arts and culture.

The schools are guided by the Woodard motto, ‘faith, unity and vision’. ‘Faith’ puts value on the spiritual and moral development of everyone. Schools operate within the Christian ethos, but young people from all faiths and traditions, or none at all, flourish in their rich, diverse culture. ‘Unity’ refers to the many inter-school opportunities; the sharing of best practice, and the strength and expertise within education that the Woodard family of schools can provide. ‘Vision’ means staying true to the vision of the founder, Nathaniel Woodard, while looking ahead to offer a twenty-first century education, challenging those who believe education is simply a matter of teaching and learning certain facts.

The education of the whole person, to foster the unique potential of each individual, is the Woodard way.

If you would like to know more about Woodard Schools or, indeed, any other boarding schools in England, Scotland and Wales, please do contact us.

Photo courtesy of Ellesmere College