“Great oaks from little acorns grow.”
14th century proverb

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Why choose a British boarding school?

I love autumn. Not only for the colours as the trees get ready for their renewal, but also because this is when most of the students we help to choose a British boarding school start in their new setting, and I have the pleasure of hearing how they are getting on.

While they are busy with their studies, and the wealth of activities and opportunities the schools are offering them, their parents’ words offer the best answer to why you should choose a British boarding school. Here are a few examples.

“I’m pleased to inform you that Alice is happy to be part of the Warminster School community. The nurturing and caring environment has been more than a family and has helped her settle in quickly and build friendships. She is learning and growing every day and we’ve been impressed by the level of her commitment and engagement in a community which brings new challenges every day.
“We are very proud of her and of all that she has achieved since joining the Sixth Form.
We are so grateful for your commitment and care, and couldn’t be happier.”

“Edoardo is doing great at Felsted. He has settled into his House very fast, finding a welcoming and friendly environment from both staff and students. This nice environment allows him to focus peacefully on his academic results and at the same time enjoy and relax with his peers. He also appreciates the events organised in his House.
“It is also nice that although his IB curricula is quite different from his initial choice, he is aiming to reach his best result. Particularly in Economics, he is very passionate and he is even thinking of setting up an ‘Economy Club’ to gather other students interested and enlarge their knowledge. We’ll see…
“In conclusion, he is having a good start and fingers crossed, he will be able both to feel happy and perform well.”

“Sarwar seems to have slotted in nicely into boarding school life. The weekend before last he was on a trip to the Isle of Wight which he really enjoyed. He is making new friends and acclimatising to boarding school life. I am grateful that he has adjusted quickly and is participating actively in sporting activities. He is positively engaging in his classroom lessons and getting some good grades in his homework assignments.
“Thank you so much for guiding us to the right school for Sarwar and so far, King Edward’s Witley has been the right choice for him.”

“Carl is doing well and is even top of the class for English.
“He’s really enjoying Piano Academy and, although his days are filled from 7.30-20.30, there’s no word of complaint. In fact, he seems very happy and doesn’t miss his German school at all. Everyone is lovely and helpful, and he’s made some nice friends. He certainly doesn’t have much time for us, which we take to be a good sign.
“We are very impressed with Rossall School; it is well organised and sends us regular updates on day-to-day activities, as well as special events. Carl has already been to a concert in Manchester with the Piano Academy and enjoyed a bonding weekend with the rest of ‘Dragon House’ at Lake Windermere.
“We are excited to hear about the rest of his experiences and to see his personal development at Rossall. The school seems exactly right for him and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it.
“We’d also like to thank you once again for all your support in choosing the right school and are very happy to recommend you too!”

After reading a few reasons why to choose a British boarding school, why not let me help you select the right one for your child, as I did for the families above? Please do contact me.