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Summer schools as boarding tasters

As spring gradually transforms into summer here in the UK, some of the British boarding schools we work with look to their own transformation during the long summer holiday, when they offer English language courses to short stay students.

These courses aren’t just an ideal way to give international students’ English language learning a boost; as the summer schools complement their academic offering with all the sports and other activities available on and around their campuses, this is the ideal “taster stay” for any child considering a longer placement in a British school.

For example, Sedbergh School’s summer course involves 22 hours of English lessons per week in small classes where student numbers are restricted to 20% of any one language, to maximise opportunities for improving English language skills very quickly. Away from the classroom, students experience history first-hand during excursions to some of Europe’s oldest cultural centres and enjoy thrilling outdoor activities in beautiful British countryside.

Bede’s Summer School offers a wide range of courses across 7 locations in Sussex, even including an intensive, two-week Dance and English programme at the Legat School of Dance. Children are divided into age ranges and taught accordingly; i.e. from 17.5 hours per week for the little ones up to 25 hours for older students. All the courses include social events and excursions to places of cultural / historical interest, and there is the option of adding sports, creative and other academic subjects to the English tuition.

Also popular with our families over the years are the Millfield English Language Holiday Courses. At least 15 hours of English tuition per week is complemented by a variety of afternoon academies, clubs, evening activities and excursions. All three schools have fantastic facilities, but Millfield is arguably best equipped on the sporting front, with its Olympic-sized pool, equestrian centre and acres of sports fields, and many of its sports can be added to the core course programme to round out students’ boarding school experience.

If you would like your child(ren) to experience a stay in an English boarding school, whether simply as a summer course or with a view to a longer stay in future, please contact us to find out more.

Image by kind permission from Sedbergh School.