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  • Stonyhurst’s support for aspiring medics | Dickinson School Consulting
  • Stonyhurst’s support for aspiring medics | Dickinson School Consulting

Stonyhurst’s support for aspiring medics

The reasons families choose British boarding schools for their children’s educations are many and varied. Here we focus on the excellent support that potential medical students can receive, using Stonyhurst College’s MedSoc 2020 as an example.

Throughout this academic year, Stonyhurst’s Year 12/Lower 6th students have attended a number of sessions organised by the College’s Careers Advisor, in order to prepare them for making strong, competitive medical school applications.

Talks have covered: using the Medicportal resources; finding and recording work placements, and how to develop a strategic approach to selecting the best medical school. Additional invited speakers included the Y13/Upper 6th medics (‘a post-application perspective’), Dr Victoria Withnell (‘Life as a GP and the structure of the NHS’) and Dr Terrenia Brosnan (‘Medical ethics’).

In addition, pupils have had the opportunity to visit Liverpool University for a medical school taster day and enjoyed a talk on ‘making a competitive applications’ from Nottingham University Medical school.

During the rest of this year, pupils will have a series of admissions test preparation and practice papers, introduced by Chemistry teacher, Mr Hunt. Interview preparation and practice is then planned for early in the coming academic year, so all medical, veterinary and dentistry applications will be ready by the deadline of 15th October.

Current Y12 pupils have commented that:

  • Medsoc has changed the daunting prospect of applying for medicine into an achievable goal by having more information.
  • It’s been a great introduction to invaluable resources to assist in decision making.
  • Medsoc has been really useful in respect of understanding the value of work experience and being aware of the competition for places.
  • We have developed better awareness and confidence by supporting each other within the group.

This is just one of the schools we recommend that has a programme supporting its older students on a specific career path. Contact us to help you find the one best suited to your child(ren) and their aspirations.

Photo courtesy of Stonyhurst College