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Lovely feedback on Durham School

Dear Gina,

Time flies and we're already more than halfway through term. Charlotte is really happy at Durham, so we wanted to thank you again for your excellent advice.

At every stage of the process we felt the benefit of your individual attention and always had the impression that you really wanted to find the right setting for Charlotte, knowing the schools as you do and getting to know her. That was very reassuring for us, and really important as we negotiated the jungle that is the British school system and all its various opportunities.

The days before Charlotte left were full of nervous excitement; how would it be – the teachers, the school, the accommodation and, above all, the other schoolgirls? And how would it be for us without our eldest daughter (and sister) at home? After the first few days it was clear you had helped Charlotte find the right place. At the beginning of November, after two weeks at home for the half term holiday, she was happy to return to Durham and soon let us know it felt as if she’d only been away a couple of days. Can there be better proof that she’s happy there?

School life at Durham consists of a high level of work and high academic standards, combined with friendliness, the dedication of the teachers and interest in each individual student. Charlotte has never worked so hard at school and has never been as tired at the end of the school day as she is there – but she has never regretted starting this adventure. She feels she’s in the right place and is very happy.

The care offered by the Housemistress and her colleagues is wonderfully warm. Here too, we sense the right mix of dedication, sincerity and spontaneity. There are plenty of day girls at Durham but many, like Charlotte, are from abroad. Boarding brings them together, friendships are formed quickly and free time is shared. The girls get to know lifestyles from different families and countries, something that Charlotte is finding fascinating.

How is it for us, not having our daughter at home? We miss her, obviously, but knowing what an enriching time she is having, developing her personality, makes us grateful and happy. We love feeling part of it, thanks to Charlotte’s tales and photos, and modern media!

Thank you, Gina, without you Charlotte wouldn’t be at Durham today.

Anna S.