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IB results round-up

International Baccalaureate scores are the first external examination results released each year, in early July. As usual, the British boarding schools we work with have done very well, with their students exceeding the global average score of 31.98 out of a possible maximum of 45.

The IB programme is offered by over 3,000 schools all over the world and 170,000 candidates are entered for the diploma each year.

Despite the expectation that these 2022 results would be depressed due to this being the first set of public examinations since the pandemic, taken by a cohort that had never sat external exams before, this year’s students can be immensely proud of themselves.

Scarborough College, for example, averaged 33, with 33% of students achieving 36 points, five achieving 40 points or more and a highest score of 43 points.

At Taunton School, IB pupils attained an average of 34 points and the top scorer was, appropriately enough, Head Girl Ruth, who got 42.

Meanwhile, Rossall School almost equalled last year’s record-breaking average of 35 points. Just under half of all grades awarded across all subjects were 7s and 6s, equivalent to an ‘A*’ or ‘A’ at A Level.

Finally, Bryanston achieved an average score of 37 points, with maximum grade 7s across a whole range of subjects: Philosophy, Spanish, French, English, Latin, Economics, Psychology, Design and Technology, Geography, Environmental Systems and Societies, Maths, Visual Arts and Film.

This is just a snapshot, so if your child is a candidate for the IB and you’d like help finding the right boarding school in England, Scotland or Wales, please contact us. Gina would be happy to help.

Photo by kind permission of Scarborough College.