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Great feedback on Whitgift Summer School

Dear Gina,
my Summer School experience at Whitgift was brilliant! It's a wonderful school with really beautiful schoolgrounds. Also my room was really nice because I had a single room with my own bathroom. But also the Summer School programme was brilliant. We always had activities and not a lot of freetime. In the beginning I wanted to have more freetime but in the end I can say it was perfect because you always had something to do and came in contact with other students so there was kind of no opportunity to get homesick. Also the houseparents and all of the staff were really friendly and cared a lot about us. The lessons were great because my teacher was a really good one and I had fun in the lessons and could refresh my English very well. The English in action lessons I also loved because we could work in a group and be creative. It made a lot of fun to work with the other students on one project together. Also the English host students took part in English in action what was really good because you came in contact with native speakers. After that we had sports what was really fun. We just had one hour freetime in the afternoon before going to dinner and after dinner we had some activities. For example egg protecter challenge or things like that. I really loved it because we did this in our houses and so you came always in contact with people you haven't talked to before. So we had a really strict timetable all the days and it sometimes was very stressful but I think it was really good to always have something to do. The trips were really well organised and were  great. So in the end I can say that I had a wonderful time at Whitgift Summer School and I found lots of new friends!
I would recommend  this school to any other student because everything was so good organised, the staff was really kind and cared a lot about us, the teachers were great and also the schoolgrounds. So it's a Perfect Summer School and it was a Great experience for me with a lot of fun!!!
Thank you for recommending me this school, my vacations could not have been better!
Kind regards