“Great oaks from little acorns grow.”
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Gina’s visit to St Clare’s, Oxford

On her next batch of visits to some of our British boarding schools, it was a return to Oxford for Gina. She and the business used to be based in this beautiful, historic home of education, so she knows St Clare’s well already, but it was great to catch up with key staff and the latest developments.

Offering Pre-IB, the IB Diploma and other 6th Form courses, this is an international college in a quintessentially English setting.

To complement existing accommodation in attractive, traditional buildings, a new boarding house for Pre-IB students was recently completed and, as you can see, it’s super! The brand-new Art department, with fantastic use of wood and glass affording maximum natural light, offers an inspirational place of work for the College’s artists too.

St Clare’s also offers a couple of particularly interesting courses for students aged 17 or 18 plus, to bridge a year between school and university, such as the University Foundation Course and English plus Academic Subjects course. We have recently seen these grow in popularity amongst our German clientele since the introduction of the G8 system in Germany, as some German students prefer to finish their Abitur back in Germany before coming over to England for a year now.

If you would like more information about this, or any of the other boarding schools in England we recommend, please do contact us.