“Great oaks from little acorns grow.”
14th century proverb

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  • Fyling Hall’s Sixth Form | Dickinson School Consulting

Fyling Hall’s Sixth Form

The Sixth Form is the pinnacle of any school. Bridging that gap between childhood and adulthood, preparing the young people in their care for arguably some of the toughest exams of their lives and for life beyond school, all the British boarding schools we work with challenge their Sixth Form students to achieve their potential and be excellent role models for their younger pupils.

Fyling Hall recently sent us a little update on its Sixth Form and how it has a positive influence on many aspects of school life; from supporting the youngest pupils in the Junior School, to pairing up with KS3 reading buddies, to organising events, they really do lead by example. This is delivered on a foundation of small classes sizes with strong teacher-pupil relationships.

Some examples of the Sixth Formers’ recent activities include Geography A Level students being asked to answer the big question, “As a geographer, if I could change one thing about the world, it would be…” We’d love to know some of their answers!

Meanwhile, in Chemistry, Year 12 students have been counting calories, but not as you might think. By investigating energy changes, or more correctly called enthalpy changes, of a range of chemical reactions, they have been investigating the enthalpy change for the reaction between zinc and copper sulphate solution, i.e. counting the calories.

Exchanging the classroom for Newcastle University, current and aspiring Sixth Formers with an interest in maths recently attended Maths Inspiration, an interactive maths lecture that opened their eyes to careers they may not have considered before.

Away from the demands of academia, and recognising the value of positive and productive relationships between staff and students, the school recently held its annual Staff-Sixth Form meal. A highlight of the term, a good night was had by all!

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Pictures by kind permission of Fyling Hall School