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  • Future Medics LIVE at Truro High | Dickinson School Consulting
  • Future Medics LIVE at Truro High | Dickinson School Consulting

Future Medics LIVE at Truro High

Truro High School for Girls recently informed us that it is hosting the international debut of an interactive, residential, medical experience this summer – Future Medics LIVE.

Aimed at preparing the next generation of medical, dental and veterinary professionals to gain places on these highly competitive courses, the brand-new, week-long course will offer delegates the chance to follow an in-depth medical course, set in simulated emergency situations and surgery facilities.

The course will run Sunday 2nd to Friday 7th August 2020 and is open to students from Year 10 to Year 13. Run by the team behind the award-winning, dissection based, surgical school workshop ‘Operating Theatre Live’, it includes:

  • A simulated 999 road traffic emergency
  • An amputation clinic
  • A mock autopsy on the world’s only semi-synthetic human cadaver
  • A series of targeted tutorials on medical, dental, veterinary and healthcare university applications

and, of course,

  • ‘Operating Theatre LIVE’

The course provides a broad base for those studying sciences at GCSE and is ideal for A Level students who want to stand out from the crowd of those applying to study medicine, dentistry, veterinary science, health courses or the biosciences at university. It will give students access to nationally acclaimed clinical experts, doctors and PhD researchers at the cutting edge of anatomy and physiology. The team of award-winning clinicians undertake hundreds of dissections annually and are international experts in technical dissection, showcasing the best of human anatomy and physiology.

Feedback from Operating Theatre Live:

“Every student should learn anatomy like this” Cambridge University Medical School

“The best academic medical experience on offer” NHS

Places on the course are strictly limited and will be awarded on a first come first served basis, so if your daughter or son is an aspiring medic, please contact us soon to find out more.

Photos courtesy of Truro High School