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Focus on dance at British boarding schools

From the rough and tumble of rugby in our last blog, to the delights of dance in this one – there really is something for everyone at British boarding schools. If dance is important to your child, whether as a potential career or something to enjoy alongside their studies, we have plenty of options to recommend. Here are a few highlights.

Bede’s is a good place to start; its Legat Dance Academy is for talented and passionate dancers, who aspire to pursuing a career in dance. Pupils are taught by world-class, experienced industry professionals, covering the core subjects of Ballet, Contemporary and Jazz, with supplementary training in Musical Theatre, Tap, Creative, and Strength and Conditioning. Alongside the Academy, Open Dance is available to all pupils, offering them the opportunity to join Ballet, Contemporary and Jazz classes streamed by experience and ability.

Recognising that the arts are a fundamental part of human culture, Culford School supports its students’ appreciation of the full range, including dance. Pupils learn from a Royal Academy trained former dance professional and can choose group or individual tuition in classical Ballet, Modern, Tap and Jazz. Instruction covers body conditioning, artistry and performance, as well as creativity and choreography, and there are Royal Academy of Dance Syllabus examination classes.

Windermere School is another that embraces the arts and believes that exposure to them is essential to a rounded education. Dance is well-established at the school and benefits from a purpose-built studio, as well as expert teachers to prepare students for examinations in all grades of Ballet and different levels of Tap and Jazz. There are also opportunities to perform, with a wealth of volunteers and expertise available to choreograph routines for shows such as the annual musical production.

Each of these English boarding schools is distinct in so many ways and there are plenty more besides, so please do contact us to find out which might suit your dancer best.

Photos by kind permission of Bede's, Culford School and Windermere School.

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