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Ellesmere College awarded World Class School Accreditation

Recently, Ellesmere College was awarded High Performance Learning (HPL) World Class School Accreditation. Following two years of rigorous assessment, the award recognises its hard work and dedication in demonstrating a world class quality of education throughout the school.

HPL is an international movement delivering educational change, working with schools and teachers to provide a flexible learning framework, building cognitive competences and designed to achieve academic and lifetime success.

Professor Deborah Eyre, Founder and Chair of HPL said of the accreditation, “Truly world-class schools understand that while grades are important, producing students who are intellectually and socially confident, workplace- and life-ready, with a global outlook and concern for others is our true aim. Ellesmere College has worked hard to strengthen its practice and to move closer to the vision of every child becoming a high performer.”

The school employs the HPL approach all the way from Lower School to Sixth Form. It reflects what is already known about advanced thinking skills and learning behaviours, while also helping pupils to develop confidence, agile thinking, perseverance and a greater awareness and concern for the society we live in, ensuring they are fully prepared for the path of study, work and life which lies ahead. HPL has proved to be a successful programme that dovetails with any subject or curriculum, helping to achieve academic excellence alongside a broader set of values and attitudes, and supporting pupil wellbeing.

Mrs Pritt-Roberts, Deputy Head Academic and HPL Lead at the College said, “We strongly believe every child has it in them to be an effective learner, and HPL provides a greater level of confidence and self-belief for our pupils to strive to be the best they can possibly be, becoming better equipped to deal with life’s journey.”

Only 39 schools worldwide are accredited, with Ellesmere becoming the fourth boarding school in England we regularly work with, joining St Mary’s School Cambridge, St Lawrence College and St Swithun’s School.

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Photo by kind permission of Ellesmere College.