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Dauntsey’s latest Mercers’ Lecture

The British boarding schools we recommend employ many different ways to inspire their students, whether academically, in terms of sport or simply to open their minds to all the possibilities ahead of them.

Dauntsey’s holds a series of lectures each year, named in recognition of the links between the school and the Mercers’ Company, which go back to Mercer founder Alderman William Dauntesey, Master of the Worshipful Company of Mercers, who founded the school in south west England in 1542.

In February, BBC Security Correspondent Frank Gardner OBE was the latest presenter in this series, talking to around 900 pupils, staff and members of the local community. He provided a unique insight into the Middle East, with his admiration for its people, his passion for the region’s culture and his love of the Arabic language.

Speaking about the trauma of losing the use of his legs following an attack by members of Al-Qaeda, he admitted to feelings of betrayal from receiving a ‘belly full of bullets’ in a region where he had concentrated much of his time and understanding, yet he does not hold any ill will towards the Muslim community. His ability to isolate this horrific experience from the otherwise welcoming Arab community was inspiring for all.

One of the pupils there said: “Frank’s lecture was extremely helpful for those of us hoping to pursue a career in Journalism. It was humbling to be shown exclusive footage of his work as we watched clips of his hands-on approach in field work, as well as his skiing adventures.

“As a banker turned broadcaster, Frank gave us advice on how to break down barriers in the increasingly crowded world of Journalism. He gave us confidence to believe that entering the field is easier now than ever before thanks to the potential of using mobile phones and new media platforms.”

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Image by kind permission of Dauntsey's School