“Great oaks from little acorns grow.”
14th century proverb

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A conversation with Finn

We are consistently impressed by the children who have the courage to leave their own country, family, school and friends to attend one of the UK boarding schools we have recommended, and we love to celebrate all their achievements. Finn is perhaps one of our greatest successes; having joined Year 12 at Warminster School in September 2018, he was appointed Head Boy for this academic year.

We featured some of the words from his impressively mature speech at the beginning of the year in an earlier blog. Now, we are delighted to share a video of him reflecting on his time at the school.

He talks of how positively Warminster compares with his German school; the closeness of the boarding community, and how he has grown in confidence. We love his philosophy that “kindness is key” and how he has appreciated being supported by the school to learn from mistakes in order to eradicate them. He has clearly benefited from being encouraged to broaden his interests and knowledge, and expresses how the cultural mix of the school has made him more open.

Do please click here to view the short video and benefit from Finn’s honest positivity.