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BSA Covid-Safe Charter

Towards the end of May, the Boarding Schools’ Association (BSA) launched its Covid-Safe Charter. This is a voluntary code, aiming to give confidence to everyone that the school is following all appropriate measures to ensure that boarding is a safe environment for pupils.

Member schools choosing to adopt the Charter must guarantee to meet all its requirements. These include measures to be undertaken:

  • Prior to re-opening
  • Before students depart from home
  • For international students upon arrival in the UK
  • For all students upon arrival at school, and
  • At school

As you would expect, the measures cover cleaning of the schools, Covid testing and isolation arrangements, social distancing and use of PPE where/when appropriate.

We are hearing from many British boarding schools that they are choosing to adopt the Charter and it is something we’d be happy to check for you during the decision-making process.

Full details can be accessed here or we’d welcome you to contact us if you have any queries.