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  • BSA certification | Dickinson School Consulting
  • BSA certification | Dickinson School Consulting

BSA certification

The Boarding Schools’ Association (BSA) is the largest association of boarding schools in the world, representing more than 600 independent and state boarding schools, over 500 of which are based in the UK. Its mission is to champion boarding and promote boarding excellence.

The BSA and its member schools want to work with the best education agents and consultants, and its Certified Agent Scheme is a mark of professional quality, so we are delighted to announce we are now proud members of the scheme.

The training and certification programme is deliberately rigorous, in order to provide assurance to boarding schools and families that they are dealing with top-class consultants and agents who have the highest standards in recruitment, safeguarding and student placement.

We have always enjoyed great relationships with our British boarding schools and the families we advise (please do take a look at our testimonials for examples), but this accreditation offers another layer of assurance of professional quality, so we’ll display our certificate with pride.