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  • Bede’s bespoke 6th Form programme | Dickinson School Consulting
  • Bede’s bespoke 6th Form programme | Dickinson School Consulting

Bede’s bespoke 6th Form programme

The latest newsletter from Bede’s, a British boarding school in the south east of England, includes a feature about its diploma programme, which we thought would make an interesting addition to our blog.

The external qualifications offered in Bede’s Sixth Form are A Level, Pre-U and BTEC. Alongside studying for those exams, all pupils undertake a holistic enrichment programme, the Bede’s Diploma, which has four elements: Extend, Enrich, Enlighten and Enhance.

To Extend, pupils complete either the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ), the Level 2 Award in Sports Leadership, a Dance/Music/LAMDA examination or another recognised qualification.

To Enrich, pupils are expected to do something for their House and School community, such as taking part in a House charity event. Pupils also carry out 20 hours of community service over the two years, which they are to arrange.

To Enlighten, pupils attend a series of talks, trips, masterclasses and/or workshops

Finally, to Enhance, pupils engage in activities and events that allow them to meet the competencies of leadership, teamwork, problem-solving, decision and to show dependability. They also develop their communication skills through undertaking some form of public speaking.

Reforms to the A Level system have released time in the timetable to introduce this more rounded, pupil-focussed curriculum, which enables students to develop the essential life skills and employability attributes that are recognised by employees and universities as being so crucial to their development.

Building on the success of the Diploma since it was introduced in 2016, next term will see the launch of Lower Sixth Futures Week, which will feature a range of workshops covering life skills, interview intelligence, employability skills and UCAS Personal Statements. There will also be UCAS and Apprenticeship talks for pupils to enjoy.

Head of Bede’s Diploma Louise Morris says, “We are very proud of what our Sixth Formers have achieved through the Diploma so far. The overall aim is to encourage our pupils to go above and beyond in all aspects of their academic and personal lives, and I am incredibly excited to see what they achieve as a result now and in the future.”

If you are starting to think about a 6th Form place for your child and like the sound of this holistic approach to education in an English boarding to school, please contact us to find out more.

Images by kind permission of Bede's Senior School