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Find the right British boarding school for your child.

Choosing the right British boarding school will allow your children to achieve their full potential, whilst also finding their own way in life.

British schools have a reputation for bringing out the best in each individual student. But not every school will be right for every child. With hundreds of private schools in Britain to choose from, selecting the best match can be a daunting task.

Dickinson School Consulting offers free advice on numerous aspects of the British school system, from general information on independent boarding schools in Great Britain, to the selection of individual schools. Over her many years in Educational Consultancy, Gina Dickinson has formed close relationships with well over two hundred reputable boarding schools in England, Scotland and Wales, frequently visiting them to stay on top of developments.

To find the British boarding schools which can provide the best opportunities for your child, why not talk to someone British, someone with direct personal and professional knowledge of the English school system? Having lived abroad for many years, Gina has a wealth of experience in helping families overseas choose the best British boarding school for their children. Now at home in the heart of England, Gina looks forward to hearing from you.

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