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“Great oaks from little acorns grow.”
14th century proverb

Find the right British
boarding school for your child

British schools have a reputation for bringing out the best in each individual student, enabling them to achieve their full potential, whilst finding their own way in life.

However, not every school will be right for every child. In addition to academic and geographical considerations, British boarding schools boast a wide variety of extra-curricular activities; some are single-sex and others are co-educational; some will specialise in Sport and others will place more emphasis on Art or perhaps have a long-standing reputation in Music or Drama.

And with a multitude of reputable independent schools in Britain to choose from, selecting the best match can be a daunting task!

How we help

Why not talk to someone British, someone with direct personal and professional knowledge of the UK school system, and with close relationships built up over many years with nearly 300 reputable British boarding schools?

During a free and impartial consultation Gina Dickinson will recommend those schools most likely to help your child achieve his or her full potential. She will then help you navigate the process of applications, school visits and possible entrance exams.

Having lived abroad for many years, Gina has a wealth of experience in helping families overseas choose the best British boarding school for their children. Now at home in the heart of England, Gina looks forward to hearing from you.

  • With your help, we have found a very good school with lovely people and we’re all very happy with it, so many thanks!

    Iris & Martin S

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